Columbia Landslide Hoodie Has Built in Koozies

For people who like beer (or as we here at ChugBuzz like to call them “normal people”) the Landslide Hoodie from Columbia is the best possible hooded sweatshirt you can buy thanks to a pair of beer koozie pockets in the front and a dangling bottle opener. It’s wind resistant and stain proof and has the greatest product description ever written:

Slipping into this hoodie is like wrapping yourself in an instant party. Perfect for chilly beach bonfires or barbeque backyard bonanzas, the Landslide Hoodie was born for beer drinking and bro-in’ down with your BFFs. Front pockets are strategically designed to hold two bottles or cans, so you can safely stash your beverage while you high-five your buddies or hold hands with your lady. Ensure uninterrupted access to your favorite brew with a built in bottle opener that is always on hand. Treated to resist stains, you won’t have to worry if you spill a little bit when you let excitement get the best of you at the end of a fierce foosball match. Sturdy and substantial, the Koozie is windproof so you’ll stay stoked even if a chilly seabreeze kicks up.

So in summary, it’s an instant party, great for bro’in down with your BFFs who you can can high-five at the end of your foosball match on the beach where you will stay stoked. I’ll take two, bro.

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