Freedom Flask

Yeah freedom! Now you are free to store massive quantities of liquor in your crotch. Not only does the Freedom Flask act as “front butt” pouch of booze, you can also pour out drinks through your fly. See how it works in three easy steps:

It’s leakproof and reusable. Although you might want to rinse off the outside in between uses, you know because it’s sitting in your crotch for hours. Just saying. Action video of a guy pouring an entire bottle of liquor into the FreedomFlask, stashing it inside his pants and then pouring out a drink (on the rocks!) through the fly spout? You got it, buddy:

Made in the USA too, natch. Alas, Freedom(flask) isn’t free but it’s certainly not expensive. You can buy one at here.

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  • Bear

    This Freedom Flask reminds me of The Whizzinator Touch. You can fill The Whizzinator Touch with alcohol too! The kick is the prosthetic that is attached to it. You can pull so many pranks on your friends. Just get one of your friends to willingly allow you to “urinate” beer into their mouth.

    Have fun!

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