All in One Personal Brewery Machine

Homebrewing your own beer is a tricky proposition; you’ve got to measure, clean, heat, and combine various ingredients at just the right settings in order to get a palatable brew. The WilliamsWarn Personal Brewery wants to make brewing batches of beer as easy as brewing a (very large) pot of coffee. This $4500 machine brews pints in as little as 7 days. Everything is done inside the machine from heating and carbonating and sterilizing to cooling and dispensing once it’s ready. It’s a big machine:

The Personal Brewery can brew up to 6 gallons of beer at a time. It seems like it’s meant for cafes and restaurants (and rich dudes!) that want to brew their own beer in house without the hassle. Of course you’ll need two of them if you don’t want to have to wait 7 days after a batch runs out to start pouring again.

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