Inflatable Beer Pong Rack

When you’re looking for a good game of beer pong, sometimes you have to ask yourself WWTPFWD? (What Would The People From Waterworld Do?) Why they’d use a floating Inflatable Beer Pong Rack, thanks for asking. This set comes with 2 triangular racks that can hold 6 party cups each.

Perfect for taking with you to the lake, river, pond, or your backyard pool. While you probably can’t use it in the ocean (despite what it says on the box, unless the seas are much calmer where you live), the extended sides do protect cups from cannonball sized waves.

If you’re not playing a game, you can use the beer pong racks as floating cup holders instead. Each one measures 24”W x 5”H x 22”D when inflated. Ping pong balls are included.

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