Inflatable Floating Beer Pong Table

The only thing better than beer pong is beer pong in a pool. The PortOPong Inflatable Floating Pool Beer Pong Table makes it happen. The table holds 22 standard 20 ounce cups, is made of durable extra thick vinyl and it floats!

(*hot chick not included in package.)
There’s hundreds of other ways to play too; just hang it from your EZ-Up tent, trees, or car bumpers and you’ve got an instant game at any tailgating event or festival. Just use your beerinspiration to think of some new ones- endless fun.

The inflatability makes it much more affordable and portable than any traditional beer pong table system. The table has a quick inflate/deflate valve in case you need to setup or take it down in a hurry. When fully inflated it measures 72”L x 4”H x 36”D and includes rope, repair patches and metal grommets to hang the table.

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