Queer Beer: Beer Marketed to Gays

Mexico’s Minerva Brewery, proprietor of such fine brews as…uhmm “Malverde”, named after the supposed “saint” of drug traffickers, Jesús Malverde and “Duff” beer, modeled after the beer on the television show “The Simpsons” before being pulled for those pesky copyright issues, has now introduced Purple Hand Beer and Salamandra, a pair of beers aimed at the gay market.

Made with organic honey and malt, the beers will have an orange flavor which is supposed to appeal to the gay communities’ sense of taste. I believe their market research train of thought probably went something like this: gays=fruity, orange=a fruit, gay beer=fruity orange flavor. Or maybe: give us something like Corona but gayer and let’s give it a tranny name too like Salamandra or Zima. The company says the labels can be peeled off and worn like badges of gay pride (you know similar to how straight people cover themselves in Budweiser labels after a night out at the bar).

(via foodiggity)

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