Saint Bernard Dog Collar Barrel

Think of how many many hot bitches your dog will score with this Saint Bernard Dog Collar Barrel. Legends dating back to the early 1800’s say that Saint Bernard rescue dogs would carry small kegs on their collars when they went off to rescue lost travelers. The spirits inside would help to rejuvenate the weak and weary travelers for their journey home. Today, the legend lives on and it’s not just in cartoons! The booze filled barrel is the reason why the St. Bernard is the coolest dog in the universe and the ultimate party animal. These durable collars feature an authentic oak aging barrel with the band style of your choice. The barrel is functioning and complete with a spigot.

Comes in either 1/2 liter or the absolutely more necessary 1 liter size. Move over Spuds McKenzie, there’s a new dog in town and he’s bringing the spirits.

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