Game Cartridge Flasks

Gaming has come a long way since the 8 bit days. And so have you. You’re legal now, you can have a drink whenever you want and wherever you want. Well maybe not entirely whenever and wherever- there are some rules of society we all have to follow (usually) so best to pack a flask for those special occasions. And what better flask than one that harkens back to the good old days of Super Nintendo?

These Game Cartridge Flasks come in 2 styles- Drunk Hunt and Bar Hop Bros. Remind you of Duck Hunt and Mario Bros.? Damn right they do. Plastic with a silicone stopper, these stealthy flasks hold 5 ounces of the good stuff. And you don’t even have to blow on them to get them to work.

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  • Gary Williamson

    Do you currently have in stock the beer keg bar stool kits that you have pictured ? If so I am wanting to buy 5 of them. Thanks, Gary.

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