Game On Hockey Glove Drink Holder

It’s game on people! Holding up giant foam fingers at the hockey game is so last year. It’s time to step up your game and hold something big that can also hold your beer- like the Game On Glove. It’s good enough for Olympic medal winner Cheryl Pounder (above). You can get the Game On Glove in any NHL team’s logo and colors you want. Like these lovely ladies below who seem to think being cute will make us look past their poor choice in hockey team fandom…nice try ladies:

The glove is made from medium density foam to avoid injury from over-excited fans and can hold cans of beer, bottles of beer, or cups of beer. If you’re feeling risky you could even just pour your beer right into the glove. It can probably hold bottles of water too but really nobody drinks anything but cheap beer at a hockey game. Game on!

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