Hopsicle Frozen Beer Popsicles

ChugBuzz isn’t going to let your summer end without letting you know about a very special frozen treat now available New York City’s Diablo Royale Este. It’s not just a frozen can of beer you can make in your own freezer, oh no. This “greatest dessert ever” is made from a can of Tecate beer injected with simple syrup and lime juice. They cram a wooden popsicle stick in the can and then freeze it for four days.

Now you could probably do that at home- except for this next most awesome step: the bartender slices open your frozen beer treat with a freakin’ samurai sword (or sometimes the less exciting serrated steak knife). Then just to severely tempt us into taking a road trip to NYC, they offer the PushPop style hopsicle bathed in tequila.

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